Example of a Client Testimonial Video

This video was designed to achieve a number of objectives from providing a series of client testimonials through to presenting the new brand logo and explain the breadth of product offerings.

The video was filmed in one day with all the clients being prepared to travel to the this one office to talk about their experience.

We filmed each interview as standalone testimonials as well as filming interviews with key directors of the business. In between each of the interviews we took the opportunity to film around the offices to add context to what was being said and also to incorporate some brand visuals.

The interviews were filmed on two cameras in a glass walled office with a backdrop of a live open plan office area. We used 3 point lighting to add a quality look to the footage.

The main camera was a Canon 7D DSLR so that we could achieve the soft focus background so that the office behind was not too distracting.

The client and their own clients were all great and so it was easy to have some fun along the way to put everyone at ease.