Video Production Portfolio

Sous Productions is very proud of the portfolio it has developed for it’s clients.

Presented below are some samples of our video production work. This is to provide you with ideas for your next video as well as demonstrate the professional standards of our corporate video production work. We do a lot of internal communications videos which we cant show here due to confidential content but we can provide a carefully edited compilation of examples under password on request. Contact us for more information.

Click in the blue play button where available to watch the video or click on the down arrow in the bottom right corner of each box to read about the project in more detail.

Contact us for more information about our video production portfolio.

This video is a confidential so cant be shown in video format. The video was created to support a significant grant fund application. The objective was to explain the key benefits gained by the organisation obtaining the grant funding.

This video was designed to capture and promote the visual branding of the business as well as present the all important client feedback in the form of testimonials. The interviews were filmed in various locations around the business and lots of footage filmed around the offices were used to break up the interview content. We have also incorporated a short intro and exit section to make a little more dynamic.

Product / Service Promotional Video

This video was produced to highlight the benefits of taking on-line courses. It provides a combination of interviews from both the University staff and attendees of the on-line programs interwoven with a Voice-over to highlight key messages.

Graduate recruitment video

This video is a profile of a graduate within an oil and gas exploration organisation. The video was just one in a series of videos designed to promote our clients 2 year international graduate development program to potential new graduates.

Company Video Production

A short promotional video to highlight the key sales points for Sunspeed Server Relocation / Transport services - Quality, Care, 24 / 7 service, Accrediation, Industry Experience. A company video is a great way to bring your products and services alive. Your target market can take a look inside the workings of the business but also provides you an opportunity to get across your key sales points and show your organisation in action. This company video was filmed on the client location over 1 day. The video is designed to highlight the services of Sunspeed and to be presented via large screens on their stand at an exhibition. “The video was fantastic. People would stop at the stand to watch the video. We had a lot of positive feedback” said Sunspeed. The video will now go on to be hosted via the company website. The next stage might be to add in some client interview content. The video was filmed using a 3 man crew and a combination of professional HD cameras. The internal close up work was all done on a Canon 7D so that we could obtain a very high quality look and a very shallow depth of focus to the shots. The outside work was filmed on a Sony PDW 700 mounted on to a Jimmy Jib to provide an unusual and dynamic set of shots that we just would not have been able to achieve off a tripod.

The video is based upon a customer testimonial video but it's objective was to form a part of a larger international contract negotiation. For this project Sous Productions were invited in by an agency and to work in conjunction with them to develop a video to suit their client needs

Event highlights video

This video was commissioned to promote the event to the appropriate audience and participant for future years. In addition to the 4 man crew filming the events various talks and presentations we were also asked to film footage through the day to create a highlights video which be used as a kick off at the start of the awards dinner later that same evening. Editing of the video was done on location and started just after lunch and the video handed over to show at the dinner by 5:30pm.

Customer testimonial video

The objective of this video testimonial was to promote the advanced nature of this clients service offering to differentiate him from other typical excel trainers

Product Testimonial Video

This is a promotional video for a business leaders event hosted by MD2MD. The objective was to use the video to encourage additional attendees to future events. The video provide a peak inside the event but more importantly uses voxpops from attendees to explain the benefits of attending the event to people considering attending in subsequent years.

A video explaining various aspects of Values-Based Education. (2010) The film was shot in one day by a 3 man crew and producer. The video is set within Washingborough School in Lincolnshire but it is not about that specific school. The focus of the video is to explain what Values-Based education is, how it is taught, the impact it has on the students, how parents view the approach and what a school needs to do if it wishes to incorporate Values-Based Education in their school. Filmed and edited by Sous Productions

Customer testimonial video

This video takes advantage of having a number of clients on hand at a user group meeting making it easier to film more testimonials at one time.

Product Testimonial Video

This video uses a TV presenter and industry expert to provide a testimonial for the clients product. The advantage is that the presenter is very experienced at deliver information to camera as well as a genuine knowledge of the product having used it himself.

Sous Video Production Showreel

This is a showreel to highlight some of the things Sous Productions have been filming along with some of our creative capabilities. Also reminds us we need to get a new one together as soon as possible.

Customer testimonial video

The video had two objectives for our client. Firstly it was a customer testimonial to help support new business development activities but it was also to coincide with a move to new office to show their larger capacity and co-inciding with a re-branding activity.

Customer case study - Software development company

This video acts as a case study for our client. The emphasis of the video is centered around the business issue faced by one of their key clients and the resulting solution they successfully implemented. Filming was completed with a 2 man crew consisting of a cameraman and assistant and all shot during 1 day at our client offices.

Transition from Chairman's office to interview studio

This is a time-lapse video filmed behind the scenes of crew transforming a executive office in London ready for a 2 person interview. There are a lot of people coming an going in the video but only 3 of them are crew involved in setting up :-)

Customer case study

This video is an example of the responsiveness of Sous Productions to a clients requirements. The call came in late afternoon on one day and by the next morning we were 200+ miles up the country on site filming this video. The video is a customer testimonial and filmed during the delivery of a live training program with limited access to everyone required but it was all successfully shot in one day.