Filming on to white screen backgrounds

Some of our clients have offices that offer up very nice backdrops for videos but not every company has this luxury. Limited either to space or location the backdrop is not always as appropriate as would be liked.

Interview on to white background wallFear not though. A simple and inexpensive option is available that can also offer some advantages. Using a white wall or white screen as a backdrop to someone talking on camera can work well if done properly.

A white backdrop offers a bright, crisp and more importantly, a blank canvass. First of all it provides a consistent look if you are producing multiple videos. Secondly, the white space offers you a clean space to place logos, images, graphics and text allowing you to reinforce messages.

White screen video is relatively simple. Simple if you know what you are doing but it can be done badly! A portable (pop up) white screen or any flat white surface such as a wall will be fine.

Filming against a white background

Simply filming against a white background doesn’t give a great result but throwing light on to the wall behind your subject and then separately on to the subject, while being careful not to create any shadows on to the backdrop makes everything bright, crisp and clean giving you a blank canvass to work on.

If you would like to know more about having a video done against a white backdrop then please get in touch

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Behind The Scenes – White Screen Video Shoot

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