How much will a video cost?

We are often asked for quotes on a video but given very little information to base the costs on.

The cost of a video, like so many other things is dependent on what the video is about, what you put in it, how complex it is and how long it takes to film and edit. Defining a videos length is not enough to define how much it will cost.

It’s a bit like the cost of a new car. It depends on the size of the engine, the feature list, choice of wheels and gearbox. Even the colour of the car can make a difference. You have to define the spec of the car you want before anyone will give you a price. It’s exactly the same with a video production.

A production company need to work out what crew to use, what equipment we will need and how long it will take to film and edit everything. There is no single way of doing things.

To get the most accurate costs you are best to put together a brief which the production company can work to. Not sure what you want in your video?

The following list is some of the elements that might impact on the cost of a video if they were to be included.

  1. What are the main elements (people, offices, machinery, vehicles etc) to be filmed?
  2. Will you need Graphic animations (maybe to show an internal mechanism)?
  3. Is there to be a voice over used to narrate the main story of the video?
  4. Can all the video be shot in one location on same day?
  5. Is there one or multiple things to be filmed at the same time?
  6. Will you want music added to the video. At the beginning and end or all the way through?
  7. Do you need text to be placed on-screen to explain or annotate things in the video?
  8. How long is the video likely to last?
  9. If the content is interviews, how many interviews will there be. Can you get everyone in the same place on the same day?
  10. Is the filming to be done indoors or outdoors?
  11. Will the environment need lighting – i.e. is it a dark environment?

Hopefully by now you are starting to get a feel for what is involved. Just as placing air conditioning on the spec of your car will add to the quality of your journey’s, adding a Jib to your production will add to the quality of the final production. They will both add to the cost. Whether they make it in to the final product probably comes down to available budget and how important they are to you.

If you are considering a video production and require more information then please Contact us