Using Videos to Help Your Graduate Recruitment

Graduate Recruitment VideoWhat makes your business different from others? How do you attract the best people to come and work for you? Have you thought about creating a Graduate Recruitment video?

We’ve created a number of these videos for our clients. They are all looking to recruit graduates and know that they need to do something a bit different, to make their businesses stand out. They are both competing with many other companies, for the pick of the crop of graduates.

Our clients have decided to use videos to entice graduates to apply for jobs with them. They use videos to show the sort of company they could join. The client companies are very different, so we have created very different videos, based on who they are and who they are looking to attract.

One of our clients sends graduates around the world on four different placements. We’ve created a series of informal films, where we speak to employees on the graduate program about what they get from it. We’ve also created a lively video to promote the graduate program and the key benefits of joining it.

Another client is a global finance company. They were looking to fill IT and analyst jobs. To give potential applicants an idea of the business, we filmed current employees at work and interviewed them on camera, so they could talk about what they do. It gives potential graduates a real feel for what it will be like to work there.

Click here to see examples of the graduate recruitment videos we’ve created.

How will you make your business stand out and attract the best talent? Talk to us today to help you produce a video for recruiting the best graduates to your business.