Extending event reach and value. Live event recording and publishing.

Multicamera Live edit desk

Live editing and recording of presentation for playback later

Clients can save a significant cost and extend the value of events & conferences by utilising the power of a live multi-feed mixer and editing desk to capture everything that happens and removing the need for lengthy editing after the event.

At conferences, presentations and even small in-house meetings there is a significant amount of valuable information being shared but not everyone can attend these events so how do you extend the value of the information and knowledge being delivered?

We can provide you with the crew and equipment to capture everything that happens and either stream it out to remote audiences, live or we can publish it online for viewing post event.


Audience watching recording of earlier presentation

We can bring in all the media sources such as video camera feeds, presentation decks, live chat forums, social media etc etc and edit it live at the event. This live edit can then be recorded for later publishing as well as being streamed live to external audiences if required.

You can now broaden your audience to people who can not attend the live event and in doing so you extend the commercial value of the event too.

No longer do you have to try and get everyone to attend internal events which might incur significant travel and location costs. You can keep your events local and know that you still share the content with everyone as and when you want.

Events being run on a commercial basis do not have to rely only on attendees to the event. By publishing a live recording of the event you can achieve additional revenues through pay per view services.

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