Dynamic video – Motion Graphics

A great way to add impact to your video is to incorporate motion graphics or in fact add your video to motion graphics.

Using graphics, you can embed your video clips and images inside place-holders. The place-holder might for example be something like a screen or the side of a 3D cube.

The graphic can then be given a range of motions to make the video more dynamic. For example a 3D cube could rotate or spin. The screen could move around and hover in different locations.

In addition to the place-holder for the video or image, you could also have text on screen to highlight key information. Like the video place-holders the text can be animated to appear more dynamically.

See examples below to get an idea of what can be achieved.

The cost of the motion graphics and animations will of course depend on your requirements. The example above is a template design meaning that once developed, it is much easier, quicker and less expensive to embed your video and text  and produce the video. Costs for using templates can be anything between £200 to £500 depending on their complexity and changes required.

Not all motion graphic templates will suit your needs in which case we can tailor make them for your video.