Create Your Video Plan for 2014

Successful marketing needs to be carried out on a regular basis. It also needs to be integrated, with all the different marketing you do pulling in the same direction. If you use videos as part of your marketing mix, you need to plan how best to use it, to get the best effect. Now is a great time to plan your marketing for 2014 and in particular, how you’re going to use videos as part of the mix.

Here are some tips to help you create your plan.

  • Key dates. What special events will take place this year? Will your business have a birthday or anniversary to celebrate? If so, put the dates into your diary now and think about how you can use videos to promote the events in advance. Also think about how you can use a camera on the day – why not ask some of your clients for testimonials as they enjoy a glass of bubbly to celebrate your success?
  • Top tips. What advise can you give away to clients and prospects? By thinking about what people need to know about what you do, you can plan to film a ‘tip’ each month. It could coincide with publishing your newsletter or blog. Should I be filming myself telling you this, instead of asking you to read it?!
  • Industry news.  Certain businesses need to carry particular tasks at certain times of the year. If you recruit graduates, you might need a really good recruitment video to attract the cream of the crop. Think about when you’ll need to do this during the year, so you can plan it into your schedule and get it done in plenty of time.
  • Client testimonials. Think about specific products or services you want to promote. Then ask a client to give you a testimonial for each one, saying why they work with you and what benefits they receive.

How will you use videos to promote and grow your business this year?