Client Testimonial Videos

Video testimonials are an ever popular, visual way of showing your clients what they would be receiving from working with you – so here are some quick tips to get you going and to help you get it right.

  1. Location, location, location. If you want to film more than one of your clients, save time and money by getting them together at the same time and location. Think about inviting them all to your offices on the same day. Make an event of it, by putting on a bit of lunch or a free seminar for your clients. If you’re already running a seminar or celebration event, to which your clients have been invited, do the filming on the same day.
  2. Formal vs informal. Formal interviews can give a really professional look – as in the video we created for Wilson Partners but the lights and crew can make it a bit more stressful for your client.  You might find it easier to persuade nervous clients to be filmed If you create a more relaxed, informal style of filming with no lights,  Click here to watch a more informal style of testimonial
  3. What do you want clients to say? Spend some time planning the questions you will ask your clients. Think about the objective of your video – what do you really want the viewers of the video to hear? When you know this, you’ll be able to work out the questions you need to ask. It can help if you tell your clients what you’ll be asking them in advance, so they have a chance to think about this before they arrive but encourage them not to script the answers. it will come over as unnatural and it often stresses them when they can’t remember the answer word for word. Much better if they answer off the cuff!

Spend some time planning how, where, what and who you’re going to film and your clients will help you create a really powerful tool to grow your business and find even more happy clients.

Would a video of your clients providing a testimonial about your business help you develop new clients?

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